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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  February 22, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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expressed his friendship with the african countries. in eastern europe from soviet domination, that was a good move. rule 2, always take the side of expanded popular rule. we backed cuba and paid for it when fidel castro -- and the shah of iran. we rooted for egypt, and that would hold us in good stade. back the people, oppose colonialism. more politics ahead with cenk uygur. we start tonight with a battle in wisconsin. let me tell you why this is so important. look, this isn't just about the workers in wisconsin anymore. it's not about that state anymore. it's not about spending cuts in wisconsin. it's not about the public unions. it's about all of us now. it's about the average guy.
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it's about the working class, and it's about the fight and the war on the middle class that the republicans want to start. you think they're going to stop at public unions? look all over the place, they're not. we're going to show you that in a second. they're going to the private unions next. i have a bold proposal tonight, that we fight back, and i think wisconsin is the perfect place to do it. now, let me show you what's happening right now, so you see the urgency of the problem. governor scott walker of wisconsin is turning up the pressure on 14 democratic state senators who of course remain out of the state. how is he doing that? he's threatening to start firing a lot of the state employees, starting next week, if the lawmakers don't return to wisconsin and allow a vote on the bill. what does that have to do with anything? remember the unions? they already agreed with the paycuts. he's going after the workers why? because it's gratuitous punishment. if you don't start doing what
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i'm telling you to do, i'm going to fire you. now these guys are destroying jobs. is that what you voted for? wisconsin? is that what you voted for throughout the country? thank god so far the democrats won't give into his threats. they're saying, you know what? we're going to stay out of town and we're not going to have it. but guess what? while that's going on, the crackdown on unions have spread all over. jacques kasich in ohio, would restrict public employees collective bargaining rights. indiana governor mitch daniels took away public worker collective bargaining rights back in his first day in office back in '05. now the republicans want a crackdown on private workers' rights. you see, that's what this fight is all about. it's not just about public unions. they're coming after all the unions, because the unions give the average worker a chance against the big corporations, and the republicans hate that.
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they don't want that. this is the war against the middle class. if you take out the unions, you have no way to bargain. how are you the average joe or bob or sue or sally going to stand up to the corporations? you won't be able to and they love it. that way they get to cut, cut, cut, they cut your pensions, they cut your pay, and then what happens? you have nobody to back you up. that's what this fight is about. that's why wisconsin is so important. now, thank got the protest is spreading as well. today in ohio, thousands of protesters showed up in columbus, somewhere inside the building, then they got locked in. there's drama everywhere. in indiana 4,000 protesters packed into the statehouse, and democratic legislators are following the example of their wisconsin counter does that parts and heading out of the town in order to prevent a vote. now, back in wisconsin, governor walker has made it clear that a compromise, of course, is not an option. he's even rejected a deal by a
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moderate republican state senator. wile? there's always no compromise from the republicans, whether on the state level or federal level, never any compromise. look, he's getting his could you from party leadership. watch this. >> i am not going to compromise on my principles, nor am i going to compromise the will of the american people. >> you're saying i want common ground, but i'm not going to compromise. i don't understand that. i really don't. >> when you say the word "compromise" a lot of americans go, oh, they're going to sell me out. so finding common ground i think makes more sense. >> you're afraid of the word. >> i reject the word. >> they ereject the word compromise. they always say no to compromise, and then democrats turn around and brag about how they always compromise. i have this crazy new idea. how about two can play at that game? how about we don't compromise either? how about in wisconsin those legislators that are holding out say, you know what? the unions had already agreed to the paycuts. guess what? we're not budging, and we're
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going to go back and say we don't great to the paycuts? you want to negotiate now? you think you have all the carts and all you ever do is take, take, take. well, how about we stand our ground and say not anymore? if wisconsin is the perfect place to do it. if you don't stop them there, they're going to go all over. and then you think chris christie will stop in new jersey? they're in indiana, they're doing it everywhere. you think rick scott is not going to do it in florida. governor walker is already in trouble. look at a poll commissioned by the afl-cio. this is. the governor's approval rating is a 41%, with 51% disapproving. it's not working. the people in wisconsin don't want this.
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74% think the state workers could keep the collectish bargaining rights. you have 74% of the people on your side. if you don't fight now, when are you going to fight? it isn't just about wisconsin. they want to attack the middle class. a did you caught the deficits? you didn't. who caused it? you big banks. they crushed our economy. caughted 10% unemployment. 8 million people laid off. you know what also that did? it reduced the revenue base, whether the federal budget or state budget. not enough people are working. they're out of a job. who caused that? was it you? no, it was the banks. now they're back to making record bonuses.
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if you weren't sold already. here as one more fight. seven of them are right-ring organization. the other three are unions. if we let them knock out, it's game over. they got their politicians, they bought them like walker. we told you ought about them last night. koch brothers are shipping people into the state and camps out and pretending it's a grass-roots movement? we have real people and people have stood up in wisconsin. they didn't wait for leaders or obama or the national democrats. i say we go to wisconsin. people from around the country, you have to support the people protesting on your behalf. this isn't just about that state. it's about how they'll attack every average american. they're going to attash your social security next. you lost it in the first round
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of the economic collapse and you'll lose in the second round, too. if they knock out your la night of defense, unfortunately we'll get to a point where they'll finish the american middle class. don't let them do it. joining me is milwaukie mayor tom barrett. he lost to governor walker. mayor barrett, tell me about that, what do you mean he's lost an ideological war? >> i want our wisconsin back. this is not the way we operate here. when we have problems we sit down and work it out. what governor walker has done he 'pitted firefighters against nurses, sanitation workers again policemen. i understand it, the governor understands it, the unions understand it, they united
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states that public workers have to pay more, but they also know that this does not require an attack on the fundamental right to organize. and make no mistake about it, that's what this is. this is part of a national effort to wage a war on the right to negotiate, to organize, to bargain. that's not what our wisconsin is about. >> you ran against walker. he keeps saying he promised all of this in the campaign, but did he say he was going to go after collective bargaining rights? >> i don't want to run the election all over again. he talked about higher payments for health care retirement. i believe he has a mandate for that, but it's only in the last couple weeks where out of thin air has come the ideological campaign. this came out of thin air.
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it's not something that i believe the people of the state of wisconsin support. people understand public workers should pay more, but they do not believe this requires an atalk on the fundamental right to overite. he has clearly overstepped. how about we take it back then? if you don't agree, we don't agree? why do we keep giving and these guys keeping taking? you're there, on the ground, how will you win, fight back and have this conclusion come out on your side? >> it's pretty clear what needs to be done. what needs to be done before friday, is the governor and his republican supporters simply have to say let's act on that legislation that does require public employees to pay more.
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he's got the votes. if he wants to bring it back at another time, he can, but it doesn't have to be done in the context of this week. what he's trying to do on a national scale, which is to go after the fundamental right for people to organize. again, people do not agree with that. people believe that individuals in wisconsin have the right to organize. >> if he wants an ideological war, i think you should give it to him. you're on the winning side here. look, the reason i'm worked up is this isn't just about wisconsin. let me show you an attack on union people by glenn beck. all right? glenn beck went on the attack on this, and i want your reaction. let's watch. >> they continue in wisconsin, and they're classy, they are. here it is. the dope-smoking hippies are back. i love this. scott walker, also doing what he was elected to do.
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he campaigned on i'm going to get rid of this union thing. instead he has to deal with democratic politicians running away like little girls. >> they're all saying it now, these conservative loathsome people, and i'm being kind here. >> what i've seen here today, cenk, i've seen a lot of women here, mothers, people with young children. i've see law enforcement officials. a lot of people here today. i haven't seen many hippies. i've seen a lot of working people. >> i've got to strike back, man. wisconsin is the right place to do it. we thank you for your time and we appreciate you joining us. >> thanks, cenk. we appreciate it. >> joining me is bernie sanders, from vermont. he led ha huge filibuster talking about the same issues i've been talking about.
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to me it seems like this is it. if you lose in wisconsin you'll lose in ohio, indiana, and the dominos will fall and the democrats will wake up and think, o. my god, how did we lose all our support? >> you're absolutely route. we have to understand this is not just wisconsin. 6 by the very wealthiest of this country. and you're says right by suggesting if you look at the end game, what are you talking about? the end of social security s. massive cuts of the privatization of medicare. major cuts in medicate. you're talking about over a period of time the end of unemployment compensation, the end of the minimum wage. what these guys want is to
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return us to the 1920s when working people had virtually no rights to orrize or earn a decent living. bottom like, the top 5% earned more than the bottom 50%. top 1% owns more wealth than the bottom 90%. the gap between the very rich and everything else is growing wider. what the wealthiest people in the country are doing are using their resources to make the attack again the middle class even stronger. they want the destruction of the middle class and almost all wealth to go to the people on top. s. >> i see you making that argument all the time, senator sanders, but i'm looking for the president, for the national democrats. do they get what this fight is about? you're in the caucus, do they
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understand the weight of this issue? >> the answer is some do, some don't. the reason i was so upset about this recent tax agreement that the president negotiated with the republicans, is it's part of this whole process, by which you give tax breaks to the rich and then you're going to cut back on programs desperately needed by working families and the middle class. there are a lot of folks that say, it doesn't impact me, i'm not a union guy, i'm not a teacher, i'm not a civil servant, it doesn't matter to me, but let me tell you how it does matter. wages are going down in this country, and when you destroy unions, there will be no standards at all. in the be nothing left to negotiate decent jobs. right now if there's union
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workers earning a decent wage, private employers have to compete to some degree, so everybody should stand with the workers, stand for decent wages, decent job benefits, and also the ability to negotiate contracts. >> senator bernie sanders, thank you so much for your time tonight. >> look, the rest of the democrats waky waky, stand out of it. more details later n program from the insider book on sarah palin. it confirms so much of what we thought about her, sending letters to the editor for herself secretly? what a clown. we'll have more amazing details when we come back. a unique sea salt added to over 40 campbell's condensed soups. it helps us reduce sodium, but not flavor. so do a few lifts. campbell's.® it's amazing what soup can do.™
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libyan dictator moammar gadhafi is desperately clinging to power today. a short time ago the u.s. security council condemned the use of violence and called for those responsible to be held to account. i hope that happens. earlier today gadhafi made a crazy and at times terrifying speech where he threatened war against his own peeped. he warned, quote -- i have not yesterday ordered the use of force, not yet ordered one bullet to be fired. when i do, everything will burn. now, of course that's not true. he has ordered many, many bullets already, but apparently
6:21 pm
will get much worse. he says he also promised to dispatch police to, quote, cleanse libya house by house of citizens who are not loyal. and he vowed to fight to the death saying, quote, i will fight under the last drop of blood. i will die as a martyr. now, gadhafi gave a speech in front of the bombed-out residence, which is really weird, but it turns out that that was, of course, damage done by a u.s. airstrike in the 1980s, and he's left it unrepaired as a symbol of libyan resistance, also marked by that massive statue of a fist crushing a plane. good luck with that. i don't think that's how it will work out. curiously he blamed america for currently fueling the protest. i find that completely strange, because i'm wondering where are we on libya? to now we've not said anything publicly. i'm wondering why, he's worse
6:22 pm
that is mubarak and has killed so many already. what are we waiting for? are we doing something significant behind the scenes? i hope so. let's try to find out. stephen clemmons, senior fellow at the new america foundation joins me now. steve, police reassure me we're doing something behind the scenes, because we haven't said word one about gadhafi. >> i've been impressed how the president has been operating behind the scenes. there's two things going on, cenk. i think there's a concern that this is a very different case than egypt when we had ties to the military, we had some sense of control. in this case, this lunatic is killing his own people and unleashing violence against hi own citizens we have 35 diplomats that we've been unable to get out of the country so far, and i think it would be an irresponsible move to say more than the criticisms they have
6:23 pm
already said. he, susan rice, hillary clinton have already put their marker on the ground, but we could end up with a hostage situation or something very bad if we don't get people out of that country, and then i think you'll see a change in posture. >> that's what i'm trying to understand. i'm at a loss here. i guess what you're saying is gadhafi is faskly holding our guys hostage and not letting them go. >> we're not there yet. >> we can't come out against gadha gadhafi, who can we come out against? >> i think the statements, today the action was in the u.n. security council. when you hearty ban ki-moon's speech, the words "responsibility to protect" we are mentioned. i think they're talking about a no-fly zone behind the scenes. there's no more option there.
6:24 pm
>> i think everyone realizesist a very severe situation, very violent, and we've got to coordinate. this is not something that can be a knee-jerk reaction to. you've got to coordinate with the rest of the community. >> i get that. steve, what do we do next? assuming we get our own folks out, do we get involved? how do we get involved? do we -- when you say no-fly zone, does that mean if the libyan jets are going to fly around their own people we shoot them out of the sky? >> i think that's what it beginning to look like. if you see the scale of violence begin, that gadhafi and his people have been threatening, and which some of the defecting diplomats have said is until way, if it's true, it's have i have i scary, then i think you would see some form of commitment. again, the clock is ticking. that's the problem here, but you would see a rush by some to begin to -- we have drones, we have various kinds of missile
6:25 pm
capacity, and offshore i think you may see forces move in, not necessarily invading libya, but, you know, knocking things out of the sky. yes, i won't say american, but at least international american capacity deployed against the libyan government if it continues to attack their own people. >> steve, how about the defectio defections. normally a dictator ship consult investigates a ruling class, bull look, the diplomats, some of the colonels, flipping on him so quick. what has he do for them to immediately abandon him? >> the networks that hold lickia together and the various general balance has largely been in doling out favors and what did whatnot along tribal lines, and this wanton violence has basically broken that fabric up. what you see is everyone feeling that they're losing in this, and they see that what's happened in
6:26 pm
an obvious scale publicly, when libya has been on a track to try and become more, let's call it international friendly. they had begun to come back into respectability, even with this lunatic running the government, but i think the libyan establishment wanted to be more connected with international affairs and get past the point of being a global embarrassment. there's some very distinguished diplomats, thinkers and military officials who aren't necessarily as ridiculous as moammar gadhafi. >> steve, thank you very much for your time and expertise. we appreciate it. >> thank you. i would like to make one more note to the audience. social media, al jazeera, without those pictures, these revolutions don't pick up speed as they have, okay? it's ironic, because so many people were like, al jazeera, they're working for the other guys. it turns out they're helping democracy more than anybody else. i didn't necessarily seeing it
6:27 pm
coming, but that's how it's unfolding. people are getting couraged when they see is a people stand up to a dictator like gadhafi. people aren't afraid as much anymore. next, on the program, it should have been a no-go from the start, an outrageous plan in mississippi to officially honor a ku klux klan leader, now the state's governor might be catching on that maybe it might be a bad idea. but why in what bhaed millennium change his mind? we'll have that explanation. ♪
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now they're taking the fight for a more personal level. arizona house has passed a measure to make it illegal for a doctor to perform an abortion if they know the reasons of -- the big passed 41-18 with just two republicans opposed, of course. it's not in the senate for consideration. the lawmakers who introduced the bill says it's needed to protect against, quote, bigotry and prejudice. i'm sure that's what he's concerned about. opponents say the measure is unnecessary. they question how it would be implemented and it places obstacles in the path of minorities. the most absurd part of the bill is this. get this even though the parents are the same race as the baby, the abortion would be illegal if someone judges the parents opted for the operation based on race.
6:32 pm
think about that for a second. for example, two chinese parents walk in and they need a procedure, and they find out that their kids are chinese. whoa, how did that chinese kid get in there? that's never going to happen. they're just using it as an execution for someone else to go in and go, yeah, i think they did it based on race, so it's illegal. look. it's -- our supreme court has ruled on this already. think don't care about jobs or things like that, they care about aimportance, making it illightly any means necessary. governor barbour has finally realized that it's a monumentally bad idea to support the idea? . who just happened to go on to
6:33 pm
lead the kkk. he ordered a urge laly black union regiment that had already surrendered. swell guy that was. last week barbour came under fire for refusing to take a position. he goes, quote, i don't go around denouncing people. he appears to have come to his senses. he now tells the associated press the bill would not become law, because, quote, i wouldn't sign it. this isn't the first time that barbour has tripped over an issue involving race, and we're being kind. last december, he gave credit to the white citizens council for keeping the kkk out of his hometown when he was a boy. he later issued a statement calls the council indefensible. so why all these flip-flops? he knew he wouldn't get the black vote. he's thinking of running for president in the republican primaries. what blade vote is there, right? in the republican primary? this was an obvious attempt to
6:34 pm
play to what he viewed as his racist -- my guess is he did some polls and found out my god, my pollers aren't nearly ace raci racist, and back pedal, back pedal, and that is why he got what he's got. he says that guy leading the kkk, maybe not such a good guy to support him. thank you for joining us in the year 2011. we appreciate it. jo quibble over that, i think they had a huge role, but some in egypt are not waiting for the history books. an egyptian paper is reporting that a father has named his newborn daughter facebook. that's her name. according to the press account, the girl's family, friends and neighbors in the ibrahimia region gathered around the newborn to express their continued support for the revolution that started on
6:35 pm
facebook. remember, it was a young egyptian google executive who used his facebook page to draw hundreds of thousands of supporters helping to get the whole revolution started and going. if i was going in that direction, i probably would have named the kid google. it might fit better in egypt. i don't know. it sounds a little better. i'll take it, as long as he didn't name her myspace. that would have been a disaster. next, a stand offin wisconsin, and xwlef me now is not the time to bulk down. here's the critical question. how can the protesters win this fight? my all-ar panel of organizer weigh in next. they have the answers on how we fight back in wisconsin and all across the country. [ female announcer ] this is not a prescription.
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i've been telling you the
6:39 pm
progressives must not compromise in wisconsin. we've got to fight, fight, fight, and we've got to win. how are we going to win? i want to bring in tough progressive fighters to talk about how to get the job done in wisconsin. joining mess jane hampshire, the founder of firedog lake, robert, and stephanie bloomingdale from the secretary treasurer of the wisconsin afl-cio. i want to start with stephanie. how are you bringing people in, how are you organizing? what are you doing on the ground? >> listen, this has been a massive show of support from people all across america, not only working people, but -- they're saying governor walker, you have no right to take away worker rights from people in wisconsin. scott walker, you have just gone too far. >> bob, how do we fight this on a national scale?
6:40 pm
>> we need students, we need people who care about democracy, we need people who are people of faith, all to join in this battle. this is a battle where we have a strong middle class, an operating democracy, and it's time for other groups to pick up this banner. >> jane, do the democrats on a national scale get it? do they understand this is a fight for the middle class, not just the local fight in wisconsin over public unions or spending cuts? >> well, i think it's more important that -- >> that's to jane. >> i think it's more important whether the people get it or not. clearly they are getting it. as you noted, cenk, the opposition to walker is growing, his poll numbers are dropping. the support for the demonstrators and for public workers is really strong in wisconsin and across the country, according to the most recent polls. we had need to take advantage of
6:41 pm
this. this isn't just a wisconsin phenomenon. as bob said, they're institutional players, the legislative economic election council are a group that draft model legislation and are pushing it in states across the country. constantly -- indiana, ohio, this is the tip of the iceberg, and all these governor, chris christie, mcdaniels, they're working toward wisconsin. >> so, jane, let me stay with you. how do we organize people and fight back? how do you win? how do you bring in people outside of wisconsin to fight this money machine that they have coming in? >> one thing that's happened, the democrats that have refused to pak part of this, i believer over $300,000 has been raised, which is a lot if you're a state legislator, but there are recall -- you can have the ability to recall someone,ible he has to have been in office
6:42 pm
for a year, but you can start promoting that. already we've seen mitch daniels, has said maybe we don't want too push this bill, and rick scott in florida i believe has said he -- in the same way they're doing in wisconsin. so it's already making people nervous. that has to keep up. >> i want to let everybody know how important that point is. mitch daniels, who took away bargaining for public unions early on, and republican legislators pushing for it, let's go after the private unioning, all of a sudden he's backing away. even rick scott in florida dot scared. that's why we have to press the advantage. stephanie, back to you on the ground. how will you as the local afl-cio pull in other people to help you here with that fight? >> well, america, we need all of you to help us with our fight. this is a fight to re-claim the values of the middle class. this is the movement of our time.
6:43 pm
we need people all across america, working people, to stand up and say, this is the time we need to restore economic justice. we know that the -- the union movement is the only thing that stands between unbridled corporate greed and a true economic democracy. and we -- what i would like to say is, america, stand with us, stand with us who are fighting for justice and economic justice in our society. >> stephanie, would you like it if other people started to come in and say, you know what? these guys are fighters, let me join them, make the protest louder and stronger. >> listen, hundreds are coming to madison to support us. what i am asking you, america, is support us in your hometown, in every city, and every town, people should be rallying in support of us here in wisconsin. our fight is your fight. our fight is a fight to re-claim the middle class.
6:44 pm
>> that's a key point, cenk. >> bob, i want to get back to you. i to know, how do we conclude this with a victory for the middle class and not for the ruling class. >> what stephanie said is important. it's important that the story of wisconsin be told and told correctly around the country, that people understand the nature of the stakes, the kind of attack, that this starts to become the dividing line between the rational, the barely rational like mitch daniels and the wingnuts like governor walker, and republicans learn they'll pay a price if they go down this line. it's important that not people just go to wisconsin, but that they take the story and tell it to their own communities, to their own groups over their own networks, this is a time for twitter, facebook and all the other forms of communication to buzz with the story of wisconsin sbinchts jane, robert and stephanie, thank you all for joining us, and starting the
6:45 pm
conversation on how we actually fight back and win on this. this is so critical that we start up for the middle class right now when everything is on the line in wisconsin. thank you, guys. all right. ahead, sarah palin is unmasked once and for all. a top former aide is revealing her secrets, the reality is even uglier than you might have imagined. plus conservatives on the warpath to destroy social security. finally democrats are firing back with a pretty powerful weapon. we'll tell you what that is. because the people we're depending on need something they can depend on. chevy silverado. the most dependable, longest-lasting full-size pickups on the road. now current gm owners and lessees can use the all-star edition discount for a total value of $7,000 on silverado. see your local chevrolet dealer.
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constipated? phillips' caplets use magnesium, an ingredient that works more naturally with your colon than stimulant laxatives, for effective relief of constipation without cramps. thanks. good morning, students. today we're gonna continue... there have been a lot of people thrown under the bus, and sacrificed by sarah palin.
6:49 pm
levi johnston has been vindicated. a former true believer who saw the light about his old bus, has governor palin e-mailed bailey, quote, i hate this damn job, at the same time palin was desperate to get on fox news. bailey says, quote -- it had nothing to do with alaska. it had plenty to do with publicity. levi johnston said the very same thing in a "vanity fair" profile in september 2009. i was skeptical about some of his claims, but they seem seem to match what bailey was saying -- she started talking about how nice it would be and quit and write a book and make triple the money. it was to her, quote, not as hard. she would blatantly say, quote, i want to just take this money and quit being governor.
6:50 pm
it appears that's exactly what she did. now levi johnston, surprisingly you have been vindicated, at least when it comes to your former almost mother-in-law's motives. let's find out more about frank bailey and what he said in this new book and surprising revelations. shoshana walsh joins me, senior political reporter for "the daily beast." also co-author of "sara from alaska." thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> remember during the katie couric interview she couldn't name any of the papers. according to bailey, why did she do that? what was her reason? >> bailey says she did just focus on the local papers. obviously as we know, palin felt that katie couric was undermining her and thought she was only from alaska. she had some harsh words for
6:51 pm
katie curist saying her ratings were low before her interview with palin. what i think is most interesting out of the this manuscript is her obsession with little attacks on her family. instead of governing the state, she goes on and monitoring comments to the ank rag daily news political blog and goes after the bloggers that are commenting. it's really an obsession to follow these attacks on her and her family. >> shoshana, did she wind up accidentally or on purpose, i don't know, but in effect elevate those minor attacks by people that weren't that important, were not that relevant because of her obsessi obsession? >> exactly. you got it. that's why palin followers have always thought, but bailey points it out, that by lifting up these bloggers and these rumors, it's making sure that everybody knows about them instead of just a few people. >> right. let's talk about her other
6:52 pm
obsession. you mentioned writing into the papers and stuff. she would secretly write in letters to the editor? who was she pretending to be? >> that's what bailey is allegi alleging, she would draft op-eds in defense of her, but put them in other names. >> how about on facebook? apparently she's got some -- what's she doing on facebook? >> says in response to some manuscript, they say they've found a secret palin account, under loupalin where she's commenting on her own posts with things like amen and commenting on bristol's dancing -- promoting her dancing skills. it's quite hilarious. >> really? lou sara? she couldn't come up with something else? >> they just found out now, so i guess it was pretty could. crazy.
6:53 pm
how about other no republican leaders? they seem to have flip flopped. >> a couple interesting moments. one she said she backed mike huckabee, not john mccain who catapulted her to stardom, and newt gingrich, at the beginning of the book he said some great things about her, he's a good guy in the beginning of the book, but at the end there's a scathing e-mails going after gingrich when palin doesn't respond to a gop fund-raiser. they said her to speaker, she didn't responsible and then gingrich agrees to. >> rich white guy, that's interesting. one final thing. it looks like she's vindictive. maybe, i don't know, maybe in politics that's what you have to do. is that the theme? >> the theme is a lot of score
6:54 pm
settling on bailey's part, but he feels like another person that was thrown under the bus. you see how loyal and sycophantic he was, but was thrown under the bus. he took the blame. that's how we know of bailey publicly, because he took a lot of the blame. >> shoshana walsh, thank you for your time. >> thank you. up next, the republican war on social security. it's spreading, but you know what? i'm going to be the cop that stops it. that's fun, right? that's next.
6:55 pm
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conservatives won't stop fearmongers about social security. they do it over and over again. they all want to make changes. you know what that means, and now rocker ted nugent is weighing in. the so-called hard-rocking motor city madman is slamming social security. he even called it a ponzi scheme. he wrote in "the michigan view" as usual it is the exact opposite of what we had been told. it's antisocial and unsecure. the president created social security 75iers. americans got suckered into believing it was a healthy, wealthy and wise program. fdr's new deal turned out to be a rip-off deal. it's nearly impossible for him to be more wrong.
6:59 pm
in fact, it has a surplus, one of the shining examples of what government can do right for the last 75 years. did you know that some of the elderly used to starve in the streets before social security? that's literal. sometimes when we join together to provide a little social security, we're all better off for it, not worse off. we're finally starting to see some democrats tackling lies being spread by people like ted nugent. here's senator chuck schumer. >> social security, however, does not contribute one penny to the deficit until 2037. it makes it harder to deal with the immediate and dangerous problem, which is our immediate deficit over this year and the


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